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The Resort in Similipal expands to a wide area, giving our guests the best view of nature & wildlife, providing them the most comfortable stay. The resort is located in a picturesque and scenic town in Orissa in the area of Mayurbhanj, Similipal, it was once a hunting ground for the erstwhile rulers of Mayurbhanj. The resort is situated in such a place that, the nature is at its best and it also offers the guests wide range of activities to be performed. It has one of the most co-operative and friendly staff, to help the guests have a undisturbed experience.

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    Gather closely by the warm bonfire and exchange tales from the past. Listen to stories about the indigenous tribes and ancient legends showcasing their heroic feats as you encircle the crackling fire. Join in the lively dance and celebrate joyously, immersing yourself in the comforting glow of the bonfire's flames.


    SIMILIPAL RESORT proudly embraces the cultural abundance of the state and its surroundings.Among these, Jhumar and Chhau dances stand out as significant cultural expressions originating in the Eastern part of India.We takes delight in actively promoting and showcasing these gems to a wider audience. Immerse yourself in a captivating spectacle of these lesser-known tribal dances, allowing yourself to reconnect with the rich cultural heritage of the past!


    Indulge in the delectable flavors of Manso Mudhi, Handi Mutton, and Chicken Poda, as they bring the essence of our heritage to your plate. It is our sincere commitment to offer you a taste of authentic ancient flavors, ensuring a culinary experience that resonates with the rich traditions of our culture.
    Try out the delicious taste of Manso Mudhi, Handi Mutton, and Chicken Poda which brings the essence of our heritage to your plate.


    Explore the exquisite local handicrafts, where the mesmerizing metal craft is sure to leave you in awe. Make sure to visit Dokra Gram for an unforgettable experience.

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